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PerformWork is all about helping you manage SMALL projects and achieving goals


15th April 2022

We have added a test and Check Lists to our training website, once you have completed your test you can print your own course completion certificate.

1st February 2022

Our new training website is now up and running and we are offering a FREE project management training course. The course will give you a quick introduction to managing projects, whether they be:

  • Business
  • Research
  • Social
  • Domestic
  • Personal

It only takes about an hour to complete the course so why not click here to have a look.

New Features

Galahad logo Galahad.cloud

15th April 2022

  • Updated and extended the on screen Help, now slides in gently from the right to reduce the amount of vertical scrolling.
  • When adding / editing a task list the Activities on the top menu is now active so that you can:
    • View Activities
    • View the Schedule.
  • Added more functions to the diary:
    • Week or Month Format
    • Multiple periods, Display 1-12 weeks or 1-12 Months
    • Ability to select any start date
    • Ability to jump from Diary to a Schedule.
  • Completed activities now have a green boder.
  • Several other minor tweaks to make Galahad Cloud quicker and easier to use.

1st February 2022

  • Added an Eisenhower Prioritization Matrix option to the top tool bar.
  • Should you need it, you can also have a goal specific Prioritization Matrix, selectable from the edit goal page.
Tip of the Week

Some projects sound brilliant so everybody jumps on board, only at the end, when the project is finished and the costs added up, is it realised that the project was actually a complete waste of time and money.

Stop, take a step back then take a cold hard look at the project. Is it really worth all that effort, are there better ways to spend the time money. Sometimes it pays to be brutal.

The PerformWork ToolKit

Is made up of a set of websites that have been designed to make your life easier


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Helps You Achieve Your Goals

By encouraging you to:

  • Clearly define what is it you are trying to achieve
  • Describe how it is to be achieved
  • Define the benefits that are expected when your Goal has been reached
  • List any resources that will be needed
  • Think about the risks, "nothing in life is risk free". What could go wrong? If it does, what will be the best action to take.
  • Decide when to start on your path to achieving your goal
  • By when it is to be achieved. Remember the famous adage "Rome was not built in a day", so be realistic.


Example from GoaldMaps.co website

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

GoalMaps.co can be used for:

  • Managing Goals
  • Planning
  • Presentations


Screen shot from the PerformWork Website
How we make it easy?
  • We walk you through the key stages of managing your project
  • Provide you with guides to make it easier to check you have gathered all the necessary information
  • Reports that show you what is happening and what to do next
  • By enabling you keep information relating to your project in one place
  • Recording who has agreed to do what and when it is going to be done by
  • Generate reports in seconds
  • Monitor progress
  • And most importantly, helps you avoid
    "That's not what I said I wanted!"

PerformWork Training

Study in your own time, at your own pace

Our course is based on PerformWork's project management model, which has been specifically designed to help you manage small projects and includes:

  • Introduction
  • What is a project
  • What is a small project
  • The PerformWork Model
  • WorkFlow
  • Pre-Project
  • Planning
  • Initiation
  • Production
  • Completion & Hand Over
  • Review

The course is delivered in bite size lessons.

Get Started